Ultraviolet(UV) light treatment system

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Ultraviolet(UV) light treatment system

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Ultraviolet(UV) light treatment is a widely recognized and proven method of disinfection of water and has several advantage over other disinfection methods such as chlorination, ozonation, etc….UV light does not add anything to the water, such as, undesirable color, odor, taste, or flavor, nor does it generate harmful by products. It adds only energy in the UV radiation. Also, UV disinfection requires only a fraction of the contact times required by other disinfection methods. It is fast, efficient, effective, economical and environmentally-friendly.

UV sterilizer features    

·         High efficient sterilization: Normally kill 99-99.99% bacteria within 1 to 2 seconds.

·         Broad spectrum: UV rays has broadest spectrum, can kill almost all bacteria and virus.

·         No secondary pollution: Do not add any chemical, so cannot create secondary pollution to water and ambient environment, and do not change any ingredient in water.

·         Safe and reliable to operate: Traditional disinfection technologies, such as chloride or ozone, which disinfection agent itself are highly toxic and flammable material while UV sterilizer has no such potential safety hazard.

·         Low maintenance fee: UV sterilizer occupies a small area; structure requirement is simple, so total investment is smaller. Lower in operation, it costs only half than that chlorine disinfection in kiloton water treatment.

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