Activated carbon filter

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Activated carbon filter

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Product description

Product Description

Activated carbon filter using active carbon as the filter media. high strength, long life, water treatment, outlet water quality is stable and reliable become the obvious advantages of activated carbon. And the main functions are to remove suspended in the water, colloid, sediment, and rust. The pump pressure, make the raw water through the filter medium, remove the suspended in the water, so as to achieve the purpose of the filter.

The product characteristics

The equipment is simple structured, convenient operation and maintenance, operation can achieve automatic control, high filtration efficiency, small resistance, processing flow, fewer recoil.


Widely used in pure water, food, mineral water and electronic, printing, dyeing, papermaking, chemical industry the pretreatment of the water quality and industrial sewage level 2 process after the filter.Also used in water reuse system, swimming pool, seawater treatment system depth filtration. For the industrial waste material also has good effect to remove.

1. Housing Material: Stainless steel
2. Capacity: 20-100m3/h
3. Inlet and outlet diameter: DN25, DN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN150
4. Filter Length: 10 "20" 30 "40"
5. Tube diameter: 170 ~ 1000mm
6. Pressure capacity: ≤ 10Kgf/cm ²

7. Filter: PP cotton, carbon rod etc.

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