WSZ series A/O sewage treatment equipment

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WSZ series A/O sewage treatment equipment

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Product description

Product Description

A WSZ series A/O sewage treatment equipmentand ammonia nitrogen removal organic pollutant depends on the equipment of the biological treatment technology AO. Among them is A grade in the working principle, due to high concentrations of organic wastewater, the microbes in A lack of air condition, this time the microbes in A facultative microbes, they will be the organic nitrogen wastewater down into NH3-N, and use of organic carbon as electron donor, will be NO-2-N, NO-3-N into N2, but also USES part of the organic carbon source and NH3-N synthesis of new cells material. So A level pool not only has the certain organic material removal function, reduces subsequent aerobic pool of organic load. So the nitrification, and rely on existing in the original water with high organic, and complete the nitrification. (So the nitrification can be completed relying on existing in the original water with high organic.) Eventually eliminate nitrogen eutrophication pollution. In O level, because organic matter concentration has greatly reduced, there is still a certain amount of organic matter and higher NH3-N exists. In order to make further organic oxidative decomposition, and at the same time in the carbonation in complete case nitrification can be carried out smoothly, (and at the same time nitrification case in the carbonation can be carried out smoothly), in O level set low load of organic aerobic biological contact oxidation ponds. In O level pool exists mainly aerobic microorganisms and the oxygen type bacteria, denitrifying bacteria). Aerobic microorganisms will be decomposed into organic CO2 andT H2O; Autotrophic type of bacteria, denitrifying bacteria) use organic decomposition of the inorganic carbon or produce CO2 in the air as A source of nutrition of sewage NH3-N into NO-2-N, NO-3-N, O level of the pool of water back into the class A pool, pool for A level provide electronic accept body, through the denitrifying role eventually eliminate nitrogen pollution.


The main technical parameters:

First pond: WSZ series beginning pond for flat stream sediment basins, the surface load for. 5 m3/m2·hr.

Regulation ponds: WSZ series adjustment for 6 hours.

O level biological pool: WSZ series O level, to push for the biological pool of biological contact oxidation ponds, sewage in the retention period in the pool for 8.0 hour, packing for elastic three-dimensional packing, packing surface area for 200 m2 / than m3.

The second pond: WSZ series the second pond for vertical flow sediment basins, the surface load of 1.0 m3 / m2 · hr, the precipitation of 2.1 hours.

Sterilization tank: WSZ series disinfection pool for hydro cyclone reaction pool, sewage in the pool for total stay time 30 minutes.

Sludge pond: WSZ series sludge pool and the mud pond a volume of 90 days sludge can be stored, then available from the sludge pond DE la villette absorption into the whole bottom reach into the sludge department for the suction sinotrans after can.



1) Small occupying space 
2) Stable technical characteristics 
3) Automatic operation 
4) Convenience of maintenance 
5) Energy saving



The hotel, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, residential quarters, villa life sewage processing community, etc.
Aquatic product enterprise, livestock processing factory, milk processing factory production such as wastewater treatment.

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