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Anticorrosion Pipes

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Anticorrosion Pipes

1.The fusion bonded epoxy powder external coating is newly developed coating layer since recent 30 years, which will be sprayed by adopting an electrostatic spraying technique to be filmed one time. This coating possesses advantage of simple operation, no pollution, good impact and flexibility resistance performance, high temperature-proof performance, etc., and has been widely applied at home and abroad.

2.The three-layer PE coating is one of main technical systems of external coating for buried pipelines at home and abroad currently. It is characterized by good corrosion protection, low water absorption, and high mechanical strength and so on. In recent years, it has been widely applied in domestic buried water, gas and oil transportation pipelines.

3.The Coal tar enamel coating has application history of more than 100 years in the world. It is characterized by low cost, little water absorption, good corrosion protection, especially by performances of having bacterial corrosion resistance and anti-penetration of plants’ roots. Therefore, it is especially applicable to the area with strong corrosion and bacterium developed.

4.The internal coating is divided into two kinds of coating used for internal decreased flowing resistance and internal corrosion protection based on different transporting mediums. The internal coating is mainly used for rising pipeline’s life, which needs to do joint coating. The internal decreased resistance coating is mainly used for improving transfer efficiency of the transported medium, thus can reduce investment and operation expenses, which doesn’t need joint coating.


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