DPP Series Linear Irrigation System

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DPP Series Linear Irrigation System

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DPP Series Linear Irrigation Syetem
It is suitable for lawn, flowers, nursery and field crops, and its automation level and performance is not inferior to DYP, too.

We own professional team for hydrology and water resources survey with class A qualification, experienced team for water drilling, excellent engineering construction and installation team, all of which will devote ourselves to providing you a serial specialized service.

We share good cooperation with world famous irrigation machine suppliers such as Valley, Lindsay, Bauer, Rainfine, Caams, Vodar etc, pump suppliers such as KSB, Caparari, Shanghai eastpump, Shanghai kaiquan pump etc so that we are capable to provide you various options and competitive price with high quality.

Thechnical Specification:

Model DPP-65 DPP-215 DPP-265 DPP-315 DPP-365 DPP-415 DPP-465
System Length(m) 65 215 265  315  365  415 465 
Configuration End Water Supply End Water Supply End/Center Water Supply End/Center Water Supply Center Water Supply  Center Water Supply  Center Water Supply 
Span Length(m)  50
Flow Rate For Reforonce(m3/h)  65 120  145  160  180 210  245
End Pressure(Mpa)  0.15
Pressure  0.17 0.19 0.21  0.23  0.26  0.31  0.37 
Motor Power(Kw)  0.75
First Ratio  40:1
Second Ratio  52:1
Slope Limitation  5%
Distribution Uniformity Coefficient  90%
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